Rank Testing


As a member of Martial Arts World Online, you are exposed to one of the world’s most complete and efficient self defense training systems. Belt and rank testing is an integral part of our curriculum. As you train in the VSK system of Jiujitsu, we test students often to ensure they are receiving and retaining the training to take their confidence and skill higher and higher. Rank or belt testing is a tool used to graduate from one level or belt to the next. However, it mostly denotes your level of commitment to the training.

As you complete each segment of the curriculum, you will qualify to take an official rank test online. Along the way, you will be able to digitally record yourself conducting technique proficiency tests, and then upload the videos for our review through our Video Evaluation Process. Based on your performance, we will be able to monitor your progress, evaluate your skills, and provide you with invaluable feedback to help you prepare for the official rank and belt tests.

There are six (6) ranks that serve as progress markers preceding your Green Belt test. Each one of these skill level markers has a physical test. Each rank is valuable and necessary and so this program course does not permit the skipping of any rank. Once you have successfully passed all six ranks, you will have the opportunity to earn your Green Belt either online or via live testing at Martial Arts World, Inc. in Lansing, IL.

Testing for each belt or rank is at your own pace. Rank tests and belt promotions are based on your mastery of the techniques. We are looking for more than familiarity with a technique, we expect for you to demonstrate them with excellence and precision. As you test along the way to green belt, you will both hone your skills and sharpen your performance.

To access the Testing Center, view the detailed belt qualification requirements, and use the Video Evaluation Process, you must be logged in.

NOTE: Belt testing is an additional expense not included in your membership fee(s).


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