Green Belt Program

Traditionally, the average training term to earn a black belt in VSK Jiujitsu has been 4-5 years. The classical method and criterion is one of long suffering and patience. While there is great value in the classical method, we believe that through time, study and innovations, solutions have manifested. The problem is not long hard days of training or patience. There are only three real challenges, and they are all addressed in Martial Arts World’s Green Belt Program:

  • Providing the most essential lessons within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Measuring the student primarily by the quality of their technique.
  • Qualified instruction by a certified master teacher.

What to Expect…

Our Green Belt Program (GBP) has been specifically designed to leverage technology to allow for quick and efficient training in the classical requirements.  The Green Belt Program’s synthesis of more than 50 essential skills and techniques can be sufficiently mastered in under 24 months. No experience is needed whatsoever to begin training in this course. With this program, the issue of qualified instruction and time are eliminated. The structure of this program provides every student an informative as well as enjoyable training experience regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. Key essentials of the program:

  • Learn the techniques and train at your own pace. Lessons are offered in English with some Japanese terminology.
  • The lessons can be practiced in a nonlinear order so that you can start at any point in the course, which allows you to complete the lessons in any order that suits your schedule as well as skill level.
  • Test for each belt or rank at your own pace. There are six (6) ranks that serve as progress markers preceding your green belt exam. Each one of these skill level markers has a physical test.
  • Rank tests and belt promotions are based on your mastery of the techniques. We are looking for more than familiarity with a technique – we expect for you to demonstrate them with excellence and precision. As you test along the way to green belt, you will both hone your skills and sharpen your performance. Each rank is valuable and necessary and so this program course does not permit the skipping of any rank.

Membership Privileges

Upon enrolling in The Green Belt Program, you will receive lifetime access to this online training course. To access the training module, go to the “Courses” tab in your Member Portal.

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Belt Rank Requirements

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