Welcome to Martial Arts World Online!

We are honored to have you with us as we bring VSK Jiujitsu live and direct to you in the comfort of your home or wherever you choose to train! This platform came from the mind, spirit and creativity of our Master Teacher at Martial Arts World, 37-year veteran of the martial arts, Shihan Lemuel Muhammad. As exemplary a visionary as he is an instructor, his aim is to propel the art of VSK Jiujitsu founded by his teacher, Grandmaster Abdul-Azziz Muhammad, forward leveraging the reach and power of the Internet. He is focused on ensuring a quick but thorough progression of students in the system of VSK Jiujitsu using a simplistic method of teaching the premier self-defense system.

Development of this online curriculum has taken approximately seven years. Having given much consideration to what we wanted to offer to the public, and done a lot of fine-tuning and trial and error, we’ve gotten to this point. Waiting and being patient until everything was just right has been a long process, but it’s been well worth it! The staff of Martial Arts World and Martial Arts World Online is committed to continued development and refinement of this platform, so that you can continue to grow and develop and have the best possible experience.

Save these important bits of contact information:

info@martialartsworldonline.com – General Inquiries
support@martialartsworldonline.com – Technical Support
testing@martialartsworldonline.com – Martial Arts World Online Testing Department

Mail can be sent to:

Martial Arts World
16709 Torrence Avenue
Lansing, Illinois 60438
United States

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