Although VSK Jiujitsu is just under 100 years old, it is one of the most effective self-defense systems on the planet. Possessing a standardized and proven curriculum for survival, Martial Arts World and other VSK Jiujitsu schools around the country develop self-defense techniques which we present in step-by-step form to assist every student in learning at a comfortable pace. 

Everyday, our instructors add to the previous lesson building upon the fundamental principles of VSK Jiujitsu. Learning self-defense in this manner is easier, making one of the most uncomfortable situations in the human experience (fighting) simple. New students feel capable and excited to learn. Our natural movement and flow aid students through multiple techniques rooted in our fundamental principles. Within 3 to 6 months of enrolling, most of our students find their own rhythm and focus on the desired outcome for training in the first place, which is a sense of personal security and confidence.

Martial Arts World Online Solution

The demand for the premier self-defense system of VSK Jiujitsu is growing across the United States. Additionally, the output of instructional videos and learning materials provided by living legends and experts is helping people around the globe to discover the rare simplicity of a formidable martial art. 

Our key to consistent results as well as worldwide dissemination of the VSK Jiujitsu system is the development of this categorized and formalized online training environment. This online offering presents training modules in linear and nonlinear fashion to immerse you in the VSK Jiujitsu system at whichever starting point best suits you. 

Since 2006, Shihan has been experimenting with various training methods to develop a delivery system of the VSK Jiujitsu curriculum that enables a student to learn in a virtual setting as if he or she was training privately with Shihan.

The peerless structure and organization of our curriculum makes the online training program simple and effective. We are constantly striving to perfect not only ourselves but the expression of our very organic VSK Jiujitsu system through the way we present our techniques. First and foremost our trainings are conducted with great concern for safety. In addition, the self-paced learning environment allows students to learn on their own time and schedule without feeling overwhelmed or left behind.

Teaching people how to fight is simple, and Martial Arts World Online is an authentic door to the knowledge that assists in self-mastery on the journey to become a champion human being.

Never before has it been easier to learn VSK Jiujitsu from one of the best and most prolific masters, Shihan Lemuel Muhammad, founder of Martial Arts World Online! This web platform is focused on spreading core VSK fundamentals worldwide potentially bringing the necessary benefits of self-defense to every home.

To access the complete online curriculum click here.

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